My inspiration and passion to weave began at fifteen watching the women of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  I was mesmerized by the rhythms and patterns as the shuttles passed back and forth.  I went on to study weaving with Trude Guermonprez at the California College of Arts and Crafts.

For many years I wove using paper as my medium.  Each strip was hand torn, woven and embellished with beads and threads.  My mind meandered through the textures and patterns: problem solving, exploring and responding.  I used beautiful soft grays, beiges and browns, with accents of metallic papers to play with the light.  From a distance the work appears as an elegant pattern.  Up close the work is more complex in design and thoughtfully indulgent.

My continued interest in working with paper has led me past traditional weaving.  I am now working with paper, encaustic, gold and silver leaf inks.  I am folding and layering the paper, creating from a more intuitive and meditative place.  I am very interested in the integration of intuition and emotional response.  I want to evoke beauty, as well as memory.  I want to stir souls as I have been stirred during world travels.  I want people to notice details and be awed by our beautiful world.

I also do a series I call Spirit and Memory bowls.  The shape of the bowls is nurturing and universal.  The Memory bowls are made to celebrate special life events and achievements.  The Spirit bowls are inspired, again, by travel.  They are more playful and immediate.  Each bowl is a unique infusion of meaning that invites each viewer to further fill it.  They are not literal containers, but vessels for memory, mystery and meaning. 

—Noble Golden